The Swiss Watch Industry

In 20th century, Frederic Ingold and Georges Lechot are two watchmakers who made extensive research, and with the invention of new technologies, the production was increased. The main features of the watches in the 20th century were interchangeability of the parts and standardization, which made the Swiss watch industry to reach the heights of glory.

Today the Swiss watch industry is the third largest export industry after the machine and chemical industry. Swiss watches do not need any introduction; you can find them all around the globe. New technology has brought revolution in the industry, and more surprisingly the timepieces suit all pockets. You can find a quartz fashion, or a modest price mechanical watch. The mechanical masterpieces are now worth million francs, as they are made up of gold and precious stones. Historical Swiss watches and clocks were of horizontal structures. However, to a lesser extent, artisans integrated some vertical structures.

The Swiss watch industry became victim of economic crisis during 1970s, and early 1980s. This resulted in a reduction of the size of industry; employees as well as companies were decreased. This trend continued until 2004, where there were less than 100 employees employed in small sized companies.

Apart from the reduction in the number of companies, the invention and development of new products never stopped. Swiss watch and clock industry does not have any comparison with foreign competitors, as it offers genuinely comprehensive choice of products to its customers.

You can choose between mechanical and quartz watches. Mechanical watches can be found with hand-wound and automatic features, whilst quartz watches can be found with analog or digital display. The preference is all yours if you want a diamond watch of precious metal, or you like any watch from stainless steel to plastic, or high tech ceramic. You can have a sports watch, fashionable, or trendy watch according to your likeness and style. One thing is for sure, after watching the vast variety of the watches you will always find the one satisfying your need and mode.

Swiss watch industry is exporting 95% of its products today in different parts of the world. Japan and Hong Kong are the main competitors of the Swiss industry. The industry was moribund due to economic crisis in the 20th century, but it has recovered very well by successfully completing its structural re-conversion. Today, it is the brightest industry of Switzerland, as it is breaking its own yearly records in exporting watches, and clocks all around world.

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